ANZOME Dolly Doll Bike Seat with Decorate Yourself Decals


Regular price $24.99

  • Suitable for all standard dolls and stuffed animals within 12 inch.
  • Easily install to the seat post of your bikes with idiot-proof instructions.
  • Come with Everything You Need: 1 Doll Chair (teddy bear pattern) + 2 colored ribbons + 3 Girl Themed Decals + 36 Star Wheel Spores + 1 Installation Accessories.
  • Perfect birthday, Christmas and Children’s Day gift for your girl. Also good way to spend time with your kids through this DIY process, greatly improve parent-child relationship.
  • Safe way for girls to transport and ride with their favorite dolls, just like a engaging parent caring for her loved baby. Children are more likely to have a ride with this doll seat. Good way to encourage exercising and stay healthy.