1.How Long Will It Take to Receive My Order

USA:2-7 days

2.Where Do You Ship to?

Products ordered through our website can be shipped to most parts within the United States.

3.How Do I Cancel My Order?

Contact us immediately at anzome.cs@gmail.com

4. How Do I Cancel My Order If It Has Already Been Shipped?

It would only be possible by returning the package back. And if this situation does occur, please contact us at anzome.cs@gmail.com and tell us the reason, we would assist you during the whole process.

5. What Do I Do If I Put in the Wrong Shipping Address?

Contact the Amazon service team and tell them the problem. If you are confused about what to do, contact us immediately at anzome.cs@gmail.com and we will provide the contact address and assist you.

6. What Do I Do If My Order Arrived Damaged?

We're very sorry for the damaged products you received, but we are very glad to provide you with a satisfactory solution. Please email us at anzome.cs@gmail.com 

7. Can I Exchange the Product If I Found It Damaged, Defective or Ordered in A Wrong  Size?

Please email us at anzome.cs@gmail.com if those situations do occur and we will make it right for you by sending a brandnew replacement or refunding.


1.Where Are Your Products Made?

Our products are manufactured in China. We closely work with our suppliers and apply strict quality monitoring during the whole process.

2.Does the Bike Seat/Bike Seat Cushion Fit My Bike?

 Videos are coming out soon

3.How to Assembly the Bike Seat/Bike Seat Cushion?

 Videos are coming out soon

4.Does the Front/Rear Bike Basket Fit My Bike?

5.How to Assembly the Front/Rear Bike Basket?

  Videos are coming out soon